A Fashion Nerd’s Guide to Styling


We spoke with Amy Roiland, our current fashion obsession and the creator of A Fashion Nerd blog, about the latest fashion trends, her secret to styling, mom life, and so much more. Her blog, A Fashion Nerd, is a collection of Amy’s colorful looks meant to inspire her followers to think outside the box when it comes to styling. 


Amy’s interest in fashion began when she was 16 years old. She says, “My favorite person was Jennifer Love Hewitt, and at the time my style icon. I loved all the designer items she wore like Juicy Couture and Seven jeans.” Eventually, Amy decided to start her own fashion blog to showcase her style and document the latest trends. She features her colorful outfits and truly turns fashion into an art. She has spent the past ten years curating outfits for her blog, always adding her unique flare with a pop of color to every look.


Her blog is a combination of her love for fashion and photography. Her love for photography shines through in her stunning photographs and self-portraits. For camera enthusiasts, you can purchase A Fashion Nerd vegan camera straps here: https://afashionnerd.bigcartel.com/products 



Amy currently lives in Los Angelos, California with her adorable daughter Ryder, who are often seen rocking matching outfits featured on her Instagram. Balancing motherhood and having a successful career have luckily gone hand in hand for Amy, as she loves to involve her daughter in her work as much as possible. From matching fits to shooting content, Ryder is able to experience it all along side her mom. She says, “Even during my photoshoots, she is either running around me in circles or sitting and reading a book. If I have to edit, I also sit her down to teach her what I am doing. You just have to involve them into your every day life.”


Be your Own Boss


Besides being the most stylish mom, Amy is an inspiring entrepreneur and boss lady. She designs eyewear, her favorite accessory being the“Sabrina baby blue sunnies with pink lenses for Betty and Veronica”, and is currently working on a new shoe line.


I am working on a fun shoe and bag line with Jessica Butrich for next year. I am very excited about this line and all the details. I hope to design hats in the future, as well, because I have so many ideas in my head. I also hope to design a kids clothing line, maybe a mommy and me line.”


Amy shows us the importance of persistence when it comes to building a brand from scratch and pursuing your passion in life. She says, “I had several other blogs before this but nothing was sticking. I did try to quit A Fashion Nerd once but my husband would not allow it.” Having the support of loved ones to keep her accountable helped her follow through on her dreams. Now, Amy is designing her own accessories and expanding her collection that will be featured on her website. 



Fashion Sense


Her colorful wardrobe is like a time capsule into the 1960s with a modern twist. Her favorite trends come from the 60’s mod fashion era, including berets, eyewear, vintage things, collars, knee-high socks, and prints, taking most of her style inspiration from 60s French models, such as Chantel Goya and Brigette Bardot. Artist Miranda Makaroff and filmmaker Wes Anderson have also inspired her fashion sense. She says, “My style has evolved but I do feel like I am still into the same things as before. I love Miranda Makaroff, her art, and her attitude. Orla Kiely inspires me, and so does Wes Anderson and his color palettes in every film.”


Amy Roiland is always styled head to toe in eye-catching looks. From her statement hair accessories to her colorful shoe collection, Amy has mastered the art of accessorizing over the years. Hair accessories are one of her favorite ways to complete a look in the summer, especially mommy daughter matching bows. She says, “Me and Ryder wear a lot of hair bows so it's cute to see this trend taking off. I also love seeing people dressing in colorful clothing, it's catching on.”


Her latest style obsessions include mini dresses with collars, unique framed glasses, and hats of every size. For Amy, the accessories come first and the rest of the outfit follows. She says, “A great hat can seriously complete an entire outfit, same with a great pair of frames.” 


Amy has been loving the Cowboy Hat trend, she says “The Cabo cowboy hat is my favorite because of the details and I love a good cowboy hat lately.”Hats are her go-to accessory, especially in the summer. She says, “I love straw hats the most and big bucket hats that are floral printed and tie under my chin. I love riding bikes and running around so it's my favorite to have a hat secured on my head with a tie.”


Stay Inspired


As a fashion blogger, the most rewarding part of her job is inspiring people to wear clothes that make them feel seen.“I love making people feel inspired and happy to wear color. A lot of people dress in black and gray to not stand out, so when someone like this wears a pop of color because of me, it makes me over the moon happy.”


If you are inspired to buy a whole new wardrobe after looking through Amy’s Instagram, you’ll be happy to know that Amy finds most of her items at local thrift stores, as well as on Depop, Poshmark, and Ebay. You can find clothes that make you feel good, and do it without breaking the bank. Like Amy, you can completely revamp your wardrobe with second hand items all while supporting local businesses. Be sure to follow Amy Roiland on Instagram @afashionnerd to stay inspired to think outside the box.