A Guide to Sustainable Living with Marisa Greiner

Earth Day 2021

Happy Earth Day! Wander Hat Co wants to celebrate this Earth Day by highlighting the importance of sustainable living. Join us in demonstrating environmental protection by supporting sustainable brands and implementing sustainable practices into our everyday routine. Switching to a sustainable lifestyle may seem like a daunting task, but Marisa Greiner breaks down her top tips and simple steps to sustainable living. 


Marisa Greiner is an eco-lifestyle enthusiast. Marisa has combined her love for seeing the world and saving the planet by implementing sustainable practices into her everyday life. Marisa grew up in Germany and has since traveled to over 40 countries. She is currently abroad in Bali, Indonesia where she is starting a charity foundation for locals that have been affected by the lack of tourism and locals living in extreme poverty. She serves as a great inspiration to us and has kindly shared her experience with all things travel, sustainability, and eco-friendly practices.  

What Sustainability Means to Marisa

For Marisa, “Living sustainably goes beyond just buying sustainable products, for me, it means to ensure that with everything I consume and support I try to avoid any harm that might go to our planet or the people that are involved in it. You should appreciate the work that went into the products and only support fair labor under safe working conditions.” 

Marisa has always gravitated toward eco-friendly practices, which were instilled in her by her mother at a young age. She says, “As I grew older I became more aware of the actual effect on global warming and started to make small changes, tried to reduce my waste, plastic usage, etc. The more I learned about it, the more I researched sustainable products and brands and tried to only support those that share the same values as I do.” Staying informed on issues such as climate change should be a priority to help preserve our planet for future generations. 

Marisas Top Tips to Sustainable Living

Practicing sustainability is just that, a practice. A sustainable lifestyle does not happen overnight but making more environmentally-conscious choices wherever possible makes the world of a difference. Using natural resources, supporting the local community, reducing waste by reusing and recycling, and being mindful of new cultural practices are simple steps you can make in your everyday life. She says, “Start with small changes, introduce them to your daily life, and don’t overthink it. None of us is perfect, but every time you reuse, buy second-hand, support local businesses, you make a difference!”  

Marisa’s Favorite Sustainable Brands

 Marisa’s favorite sustainable brands are, “Wander Hat Co (obvi), Aura7activewear, Wolven, Leafjuice Skincare, Marina de Buchi, Ana Luisa NY, Gigimey Jewelry, Mandrn, and so many more.” When looking for which brand to support, Marisa chooses brands that are transparent with the public, including “where their products are made, whether they are involved in charity work, support other local businesses, produce and source locally.”   

As consumers, we should hold brands to a higher standard to ensure the products we receive are free from harsh chemicals and ethically sourced. Sustainable shopping does not have to be complicated or boring. You can pair Wander Hat Co’s hats with other sustainable fashion pieces to elevate your outfit and look stylish year-round. Keep a look out for future posts about our favorite hair and hat styling tips coming soon.

How to Wander Sustainably

Marisa’s devotion to sustainable living has not hindered her desire to travel the world. Of the 40 countries she has been to, Marisa says, “One of my favorite places was probably Sri Lanka! I loved the nature, people, food- pretty much everything!” She recommends traveling locally and supporting small businesses, especially during these trying times. As travel begins to open back up, we assume going abroad is on a lot of your bucket lists. When traveling abroad, Marisa looks for organizations that have environmental practices in place, such as reduced electric usage and water consumption, avoiding harsh chemicals and unnatural resources, and eliminating single-use plastic. Remember to be conscious of your surroundings, support local businesses, and truly immerse in the new culture.  

She says, “There are so many beautiful places. To travel sustainably you should probably try to explore local places. If you do want to travel abroad just make sure to be conscious, support local businesses, don’t leave a trace when hiking, etc.”    

Wander Hat Co’s Sustainable Promise

For Wander Hat Co, sustainability is at the core of its business practice. Wander creates high-quality items, reduces its carbon footprint, and manufactures all its American-made products under fair and safe labor conditions. Wander Hat Co has your best interest at heart, which is why we can guarantee all our products are up to your high standards (as they should be). Invest in yourself and the planet by switching to a sustainable lifestyle.  

Join us today (and everyday) in supporting sustainable brands, and make sure to share your favorite sustainable lifestyle tips and brands with us on Instagram @wanderhatco! You can also follow @MarisaGreiner on Instagram for more inspiration on sustainable travel and lifestyle tips.