See Yourself Through a New Lens

With Inframes Photography

We are feeling all love this month. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and all the endless support from our fellow wanders, there was no better time to share our next feature: Morgan Olsen, aka the queen of capturing love and human connection. Morgan is a professional photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah, specializing in wedding, couple, and family photography. Her photography business, Inframes, is a one-stop-shop for all things love. You can find her on Instagram @inframesphotography and explore her feed for a glimpse into her beautiful portfolio, filled with love, laughter, and all those special moments we want to remember forever.


“Being able to capture monumental moments in people’s lives for them to look back on has been one of the most rewarding parts of her career.”

She has an innate ability to capture true human emotion while allowing the personality of her subjects to shine through in every shoot. Her photographs reflect the skill she has mastered over the years as one of the most skilled photographers we have the pleasure of knowing. We are excited to share her journey to becoming a photographer, a business owner, and a glimpse into her life when she’s not behind the lens.

Passion to Profession

Photography for Morgan has always been a creative outlet, starting as a past time when she was younger but quickly developing into a deep passion of hers. She says, “I started because of my grandpa's interest in film photography, it was always something that I had an interest in. I started it as a hobby! I'd photograph my sister, friends, whoever! I started building a portfolio and teaching myself editing.” This self-taught girl boss serves as motivation to pursue your passion and reminds us that a career filled with love and passion is one worth pursuing.

 “The most rewarding part about being a photographer is the reaction when people see themselves through my eyes!”


Becoming a professional photographer was a happy accident for Morgan. She says, “Photography kind of chose me. I went to school for something completely different. I started shooting for fun as a distraction and stress reliever for school, and I fell in love with it. I took a mentorship with someone I looked up to, and within the next year and a half, I was full-time.”

Learn from the Best

Morgan's growth as photographer came when she pushed outside of her comfort zone. She says, it took “lots of creative experimentation and pushing myself to be uncomfortable.I also pull a lot of my inspiration from old 90s Vogue Magazines and lots of music videos to stay inspired.” Morgan also stays inspired by the work of other talented photographers. She says, “I really love Joel & Justyna, Brooke Johnson, Kaley from Kansas, and Laurken Kendall.”

Her creative process is a collaborative effort with every client that tells its own love story. She has a way of bringing her client's story to life with just a click of a button. She says, “I want you to feel seen, heard, and celebrated throughout this process—come catch a glimpse of what’s to come. Inclusivity is EVERYTHING to me.” Morgan also shares a glimpse into the history of her client's on her blog, where she dives deeper into the back story of some of her favorite shoots.


Morgan offers her own mentorship programs and workshops well worth your time and money for anyone looking to transform their photography skills. Her business, Inframes Photography, is designed for you to develop new photography skills and stay inspired by working alongside other artists. Her workshops and mentorships also offers recommendations on which equipment, software, and extra gadgets to use to enhance your work. Her favorite lens to shoot with is The Canon 24mm 1.4 because it gives my work more depth, and I love my Canon 5d Mark 4. Anything Canon really.” She also loves her Profoto Flash attachment, especially for capturing photos at night.

The Honest Chaos Workshop

The Honest Chaos Workshop is her latest addition to her photography business. She says, “It is a photography workshop solely dedicated to family photography! It focuses on the real moments between families and the true bond they share. I teach people to document honesty.” Morgan started her business just over six years ago to educate aspiring photographers and share her wisdom with the world. Her ‘Honest Chaos Workshop’ is designed for family photographers to explore their passion and learn how to capture meaningful moments in their purest form.

“The softest moments are captured in the midst of the chaos, and that’s where I want you to thrive. This workshop is designed to help you create an un-rushed experience that recalibrates the focus of what a family session is to you. My approach to these shoots is to rediscover the honesty of the energy — the genuine nature of family dynamics; no forced smiles, no fake laughs, and no hurry.”


Her creative juices are always flowing and she wants every shoot to unfold organically to truly be able to capture her subjects emotions. She says, “I don't typically plan out my creative shoots super far in advance. I tend to do better when I get an idea and have to do it immediately.” Every photo shoot is a unique experience tailored to her client, always aimed at fulfilling and exceeding their expectations. Her anything-goes mentality shines through in every shoot by allowing her subjects to truly take the reigns on how they want to be photographed.

Feeling the Love

Throughout the years, Morgan has narrowed down her niche, focusing on family, couple, and wedding photography, to capture all the meaningful moments in people’s lives that they will cherish for years to come. She says, “Being able to document people's history is something that will never get old.” As we approach wedding season, brides-to-be may be on the lookout for a professional photographer to capture their special day. Morgan was recently named ‘Brides’ top photographers in America for the second year in a row, and for good reason. Knowing that every meaningful moment will be captured for you to look back on afterward is one less thing you have to worry about with Morgan capturing your special day.

“It is unlike anything else. We are literally stopping time for these people, and it is nothing short of pure magic.”


Your wedding day should be filled with excitement and joy, but there is always the added stress of wanting the day to unfold seamlessly. Walking down the aisle, saying I do, and dancing the night away can all be time capsuled with Morgan photographing your special day. You can look back on your wedding day and remember all the carefree moments that reignite your love for one another.

Behind the Scenes

Although Morgan loves to stay behind the scenes, she never misses a good photo opt. When it comes to being photographed, Morgan’s piece of advice is, “Learn the lines of your body and what makes you feel the most beautiful!” For Morgan, she feels most beautiful when she's rocking a vibrant outfit paired with an assortment of accessories to truly make a statement. When it comes to styling accessories, such as hats, Morgan says, “Whenever you're wearing a hat, I'd suggest keeping your chin up slightly higher than usual to help avoid eye shadows! I also encourage movement.” Confidence is everything, but more importantly stay true to yourself and allow your personality to shine through.


Aside from photography, she says, “I love music, food, and my family.” And of course, there is no shortage of travel and adventure. Especially as an on-site photographer, her career has been anything but boring. She captures weddings across the United States, and this year Morgan will be walking down the aisle herself. We can not wait to see her special day unfold on Instagram @inframesphotography and her personal page @neonandchrome. Be sure to follow Morgan Olsen to stay in the know with her upcoming adventures and never miss out on her beautiful shoots.