Achieve Great Hair and Good Vibes with Jenny Strebe


Professional hairstylist, Jenny Strebe, understands the profound effect a haircut can have on a person. Since she was a little girl, she always felt inspired to make others feel good about themselves. She mastered her skills over the past fifteen years and began sharing her expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs and hairstylists on her blog, The Confessions of a Hairstylist. In 2016, she paired her passion for hairstyling with holistic living to create a one-of-a-kind wellness hair brand, AIIR Professional. This first-ever crystal-infused hair care line will not only improve your hair game but also your mindset. Her business practices and life values of integrity, well-being, innovation, and elevation have aligned to create a community that empowers everyone who is a part of it.

“I always knew I wanted to make people feel good about themselves. There are not a lot of jobs where you can instantly make someone feel better about themselves. I also love the connections we make with clients. You get to know them as they open up through intimate conversations.”

Hair Care with a Purpose

Haircare is often overlooked as an act of self-care but with AIIR Professional, it will become so much more than another step in your daily routine. Each of the AIIR Professional products includes an affirmation designed to help boost your mood and set your intentions for the day. The products are infused with crystals and paired with other natural ingredients to harness positive energy while elevating your hair care experience.

“I saw a need in my industry that was not being met. That was the connection with the earth to beauty products that serve a purpose. We are slowly getting away from nature, and I wanted to bring it back. I also believe in the proven science of the energy of the crystals so why not make it mainstream?”


The Power of Crystals

Jenny's fascination with crystals began 15 years ago, and now she is officially a crystal-certified expert. Her favorite crystals are rose quartz, amethyst, and selenite depending on her needs. 

  • Rose quartz: “I use it for a motherly type of loving energy if I'm feeling lost, lonely, or need to manifest a bit more loving energy towards a situation. It helps balance the heart chakra to allow loving energy into the heart but also radiate out. This crystal is infused in our Hair Spray.”
  • Amethyst: “If you are emotionally drained or stressed out it will help balance your emotions, so it is no wonder a lot of people gravitate towards it. Hold onto it or put it into your pocket when you are entering a situation with emotional turmoil or need an extra boost of support.”
  • Selenite: “It radiates soft, loving energy that will help cleanse away anything that no longer serves you. You can utilize this one each day, and I recommend using it almost like a lint roller over your body to help extract any unwanted energy and bring in what you do want. Think of it as a fresh restart stone.”

“I think it is important to note that you should not overdo it at first. I recommend selecting the crystal you are drawn to and slowly adding on to your collection but doing it over time.”

If you are looking to add to your crystal collection, we recommend shopping locally and supporting small businesses. Jenny finds most of her crystals at local swap meets, but you can also purchase quality crystals off her website. Our favorite local crystal shop is The House of Intuition located at The Lab Anti-Mall, known for its women-owned, sustainable businesses.

Wellness Practices

Jenny implements wellness practices into her morning routine to cultivate a positive mindset each day. Here’s what her typical morning ritual looks like featuring her favorite AIIR Professional products:

1. Journal: “I write a few things down that I am grateful for before I get the day started. I also write down a few goals.”

2. Movement: “I then head to yoga and come home to get my kids ready.”

3. Cleanse: “A few times a week, I will light a palo santo stick before jumping in the shower. I then read the affirmation on the AIIR sapphire shampoo & conditioner (sapphire meaning inner strength) and then imagine washing away what I do not want and bring in what I do.”

4. Style: “I then style my hair for the day, and I do it with purpose. I think about what stone is in each product, read the affirmation on the bottle, and try to channel that energy of the crystal chosen in the product." 

In addition to utilizing crystals to harness positive energy, Jenny makes sure to surround herself with people who support and uplift her vibrations. She credits her success to her family and the community of women who are a part of AIIR.


“My family motivates me as they are my biggest cheerleader but also I want them to be proud and understand they can do anything in life if they truly want to. I'm an empath and I always thought it was such a flaw of mine. Now later in life, I feel it is what grounds me and allows me to truly feel what others may need so I can help make improvements in my industry.” 

The AIIR Gathering

If you want a true taste of the AIIR Professional experience, you can attend her AIIR Gathering. This two-day event will help realign your energy while strengthening your skills alongside other talented hairstylists.

“The AIIR Gathering is more than just a hair show. It is a wellness experience. Like most hair shows, we have segments where known stylists demonstrate looks and teach techniques, but in addition to this, we also have an added wellness component. We have break-out rooms where guests laugh, cry and release what's been holding them back. We have panelists who speak on finding your place in the industry, creating boundaries, and optimizing all your talents. There also is a social media component where we show attendees how they can use social media to elevate their business.”    

New additions to the AIIR Professional collection will be here by the end of summer. Make sure to subscribe to the email list to stay up to date on the latest news and unlock 20 percent on your first offer. Jenny says, “Let's just say we have a product that will make you look prosperous and it will help you bring in prosperity.”

AIIR for Summer Hair

AIIR Professional is perfect for all your hair styling and hair care needs. Jenny’s recommendation: “It is best to start your ritual off right with the Sapphire Leave-In Conditioner to add moisture. After this, use our Sapphire Leave-In Conditioner, and then depending on how dry your hair is I would suggest using some of our amethyst infused smoothing cream.”    

Summer heat and activities can cause a lot of damage. Jenny says, “It's all about hydration for the summer and UV protection! With that being said, I would recommend our Leave-In Conditioner for hydration and UV protection. In addition, our Shine Spray for extra moisture and as a UV protectent.”

You can also beat the summer heat by rocking some of Jenny's infamous braids you will find on all over her Instagram. She says, “My favorite hairstyles for the summer are the more rugged and lived-in styles. From disheveled braids to grunge waves. It's also the perfect time to hide your dirty roots with a cute hat or a scarf to instantly make your hair look stylish while covering the greasy roots!”

If you ever are having a bad hair day, throw on a hat for a quick fix. The Capitola in cream is a great neutral color wide brim that is perfect for the summer time.

“I love wearing my Capitola Wide Brim in cream with my hair down with a slight wave and tucked behind my ears. It instantly elevates my outfit and becomes the staple piece for the day.” 

Follow along Jenny’s journey on Instagram @theconfessionsofahairstylist as she continues to innovate the hair industry and elevate women everywhere. Her down-to-earth approach will have you completely rethink the way you view hair care. Try out her amazing products today for all the good vibes and even better hair.

We hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day and be sure to tag us on Instagram @wanderhatco if you are rocking the Capitola in cream this weekend!