Introducing Julia Warter

Why Create Wander

Julia Warter is the proud owner of Wander Hat Co, a sustainable and locally sourced wide brim hat company. Julia began her business in April 2020 to pursue her passion for sustainable fashion and create top-quality hats that can keep you looking fashionable year-round.


Julia says, Our hats are designed with quality, style, and sustainability in mind. It's a business that isn't looking to turn a quick profit, but to support American businesses by manufacturing a brand 100% made in the U.S. by styling men and women in the best quality hats they can find. Her collection of hats are organically processed and designed to fit current trends.


Wander Hat Co is more than just a hat company, it is a community of strong individuals who continue to follow their dreams and wander where no one else has before. Julias main inspiration for Wander Hat Co is her love for traveling. Julia says, Traveling allows me to see things more clearly. Not only does it allow my creative side to awaken, but it's helped me make so many huge decisions in my life and become the independent woman I am today.


I discovered that wide brim hat-making is a lost art and few manufactures still exist in the U.S. It took me about four years to find a manufacturer who made great quality brims and also understood my vision. Once I had a manufacturer, the real fun began!Julia says.



Julia’s favorite hat from her collection is the Capitola in Whiskey. She says, First, the shape of the Capitola hat is unique. The diamond shape is beautifully balanced and the crown of the hat isnt overbearing. The Capitola is the perfect hat for someone dipping their feet in the wide brim hat world. It isnt overwhelming and has a very feminine shape. Oftentimes, people can feel like the crown is too top heavy and overly masculine. Not only do I love this hat for the shape, but the color is unlike anything Ive ever found. The beautiful orange color goes well with any color hair and makes a statement when you walk into a room. I often hear people tell me that they love this hat because they cant find one like it anywhere, and that is the best compliment of all.


Sustainable Business

The beauty of social media is connecting with other creative individuals that inspire Wander Hat Co's content. Sharing her travels and seeing where others wander with her hats is what keeps her motivated. She loves to interact with her followers to establish meaningful relationships that drive her hat designs and content. Most importantly, Julia values supporting sustainable businesses and joining forces with other inspiring women. Her favorite sustainable brands include Vitamin A, Reformation, and Rent the Runway. 


Vitamin A is the first brand that comes to mind. I love that they make their bathing suits in the United States, and the majority of their styles are made in California. I respect their entire business model more than I could ever put into words. They care about the environment plain and simple. Not only that, but their bikinis are the most comfortable and well-fit swimsuits I have ever worn. Vitamin A is an example of a company that makes their product in the United States, and it shows by the quality and materials. 


Reformation is another brand I cant live without. Their garments are made in the US which I love, but I cant get enough of their cuts and fabrics. Their dresses are so chic, fashion-forward, and sexy all in one. I wish all my dresses could be Reformation!


Rent the Runway is another brand I highly recommend to anyone trying to support sustainable businesses. Im such a fan of reusing items and have used Rent the Runway countless times. For trips where I want to wear something high-end and trendy, for the annual Catalina Conservancy Ball, or just wanting to try a fun dress in Vegas to wear once, Rent the Runway has my vote. The brand was so forward-thinking and ahead of its time. Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss are geniuses and their story is incredible!


What is Next for Wander Hat Co?

Julia is excited to continue connecting with her followers and expanding her business thanks to endless support from her fellow Wanders. She says, More unique and sustainable brims are on the horizon! A monochromatic ivory hat is coming out (that will be great for the Wander bride!) as well as some camel variations because neutrals are having such a moment for spring and summer! These hats will be in a new shape with a crown I have never made before that I am excited to introduce. I am also working on a fiddler cap and all-black brim as well because a black hat is an absolute must!You can stay up to date with her latest hat designs and other exciting content by following Instagram @wanderhatco and Pinterest @wanderhatco.